My studio babies

One of the things I love about teaching: Watching students spread their wings and fly.  

I only have baby chicks, and we know there is so much more to learn, but what better way to learn than to just get out there and do?  I have had a couple students in performance the past couple weeks, and to watch them perform is just so thrilling – something I wouldn’t have expected before I started my studio.  I mean, yes, I’m sure I assumed I would be proud of my students, but to feel the Mama Hen-like joy I thought was reserved for my own children or a few close family members, well, that I did not expect.  The first time I had students on a recital (this Spring) I couldn’t stop grinning!  I’m sure the girls thought I was just a bit nutty, but they did so well! And while they did all the work, I had something to do with it! Pleased as punch, I was!  

These most recent performances were no different – except when I got teary with emotion over the sweet sentiment of the play I saw – my babies did their best in the moment, and I could see they knew that.  I was so pleased for them.  And proud of them.

At least for now (and hopefully never), this pride doesn’t go away – and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s really a major perk of the job.  So to my studio babies, I am so proud of you!  Keep learning, keep working, and keep singing! 


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