I took my first yoga class today.  It was specifically for beginners like me, and I went with my friend Deb.  I mention this because I wouldn’t have gone without her.  Trying the unknown is better with a partner for whom the unknown-to-me is familiar.  This particular class was “restorative” and I must say I found it to be quite relaxing.  I can’t remember the big fancy word she used.  I’d have to ask Deb.  There was lots of stretching, lots of what I would call ‘melting into the mat’ and lots of repetitive poses.  We would move into one pose, then into a second, then back to the first.  Back and forth, stretching and breathing into each position.  Each time we moved into the old, I found myself relaxing more into it as it became more familiar to me.  And I liked the breathing – who doesn’t? – reminding me to fill my lungs and feel the breath.  Inhaling relaxation and exhaling the stress (or for me, the tension of the morning’s headache).  As we ended the session – or practice, as the instructor called it – I felt nice and noodly.  That’s a good thing.

I think I might like yoga.  Who knew? 🙂


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