How Firm a Foundation

Two very different versions of a hymn I’ve been singing in my mind all day, and one of my favorites, especially the last verse.  As I sang, hummed, and thought the hymn, I think I went through every verse, but I couldn’t hear or remember the first two lines!  How very frustrating – I knew the song, could sing most of the lyrics, but couldn’t think what it was called, and couldn’t recall the one line that would give me the title.  I hate that I had to Google lyrics to get the title, but am glad that I could do so!  I hope you’ll take time to listen to both videos.

A link to the United Methodist Hymnal page so you can follow along if you like:

The first version has all the common verses I think (as I was looking it up, I noticed at least 2 verses I don’t know) and it’s a wonderfully fresh arrangement.  The second is Sacred Harp (or Shape Note) singing, and this is more like the way I learned the hymn.


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