A loyal spaniel

One of my most wonderful personality traits (if I may be so bold as to brag on myself for a moment) is my fierce loyalty.  I may take a while to warm up to one, but once I have given my friendship, I very rarely (so rare, I can only remember one instance) withdraw it.  I will stand as friend through thick and thin, regardless of whether we are in constant contact or see each other only once in a blue moon.  I will be a cheerleader, a picker-upper, a go-to girl in any emergency.

The trouble is…occasionally, I am confronted with the fact that my loyalty to a friendship is somewhat unwarranted, and often not reciprocated.   And in this light, loyalty is also one of my worst traits.  Because I forget that, just because I am friend to one, it does not necessarily follow that one is friend to me.  So I find myself occasionally bewildered and deflated, wondering what I’ve done wrong, when the truth is, I’ve done nothing.

Would I change this aspect of me if I could?  Probably not.  I wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t wear my heart on my sleeve.


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