I feel a book bubbling up inside. It has somewhat taken me by surprise. Blogging notwithstanding, I have never considered myself a Writer. I know Writers and I am not one.  I’m a…a dabbler, an essayist at best.
Regardless, I am primed to start writing, and scenes are unfolding in my mind. I will find myself staring into space, seeing a little cottage in my mind’s eye and my characters moving about in their world. As I drift to sleep, I hear snippets of a conversation, or a line I will try to remember. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not.
I am not sure what will come of it – once it’s done, if ever it’s done – will I share it or will I stick it in the proverbial drawer, never to be seen or thought of again?…  But I thought I’d share that I’m working on something.  And that in addition to the usual December busyness, which has kept me from this site, preoccupation with another sort of writing has taken up my brain-space.  Not to worry though – the new year is practically here, and the blog is on my list of ‘things to do in 2014’ – I will just learn to better manage my time.  Writing, singing, teaching, housewifery… I have time for all of this … sure I do… 😉


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