New Year, New Look

To kick start the new year for new bloggers, WordPress has a 30-day challenge going on called Zero to Hero.  I am not all that interested in taking part, at least officially, but I’ll be checking the assignment each day, and if it appeals, I’ll do it.  Today’s challenge was to change the look of the site.  I had changed it a week ago, but wasn’t happy, so I changed it again.  Happy-happy, Joy-joy!  Pink is one of my favorite colors, and I am tickled pink by the new, completely different look! 🙂  There will be other changes.  Some of the assignments will be visual, others will be writing challenges. All of them are designed to help the new (or new-ish, like me) blogger learn their way around the blogging world and their dashboard.  I’m sure I’ll enjoy the tinkering.  I hope you enjoy the changes.

An aside:
The other day, I took the time to read (almost) every single post of the past year, and the few I wrote in 2012.  I was struck by a few things – (one, how good some of the writing is 😉 ) but mainly, how often certain words came up in my blog posts.  I know I can do word clouds for tags, or topics I’ve covered, but I rather wish I knew how to do a word cloud for content.  Let me just tell you that the biggest words would probably be love, joy, happy, and laughing or laughter.  That in and of itself makes me happy, makes me smile.  I know that one can often tell what sort of person one is by the language one uses…and I use a lot of, well, joyful language.  That is not to say, of course, that I am always a happy camper, and I can be pretty darned grumpy sometimes (just ask my family!)  So even though this blog isn’t what I thought it would be, I’m pretty pleased with what it’s become, and am looking forward to a new year of blogging.

Happy New Year!


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