Sweet Silence

I love writing – as a matter of fact, much to my amusement, a little quizzy thing I took on Facebook yesterday told me that the job I “should have” is Writer.  This is something I didn’t know about myself 2 years ago, or really, even a year ago, which is why it tickles me so.

Unfortunately, I need silence to do my work.  I have tried writing with the tv or radio on, and the noise distracts me.  I have tried listening to “spa music” on pandora, thinking it might relax me – nope, it’s also noise. And writing with other people around?  Forget it!  Turns out that I cannot be my fully-creative self (in writing) if I’m busy worrying that a) someone might be looking over my shoulder or b) I’m ignoring my family and should be spending time with them.  Unfortunately again, it’s winter – snow days and delays abound lately, so my “quiet time” has been getting eaten up by having my lovely children home.

As I’m writing about how silent it is, I realize it’s really not silence, it is ‘quiet’ – restfulness – the dryer is going, and the furnace is blowing.  I can hear the few vehicles which travel my quiet street.  And I see and hear words clamoring to be written – conversations and thoughts of characters for a book, thoughts and ideas for blogging and journalling, even a grocery list is in there!

I am looking forward to more days like today – Mondays and Fridays are my ‘at home’ days – days I can write for a full 6 hours, if I can find it in me to do so.  Today, I’ve found it in me.  I just wish I had more to show for it.  Most is not ready for publication yet, though I hope someday to share it.


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