Charles Dickens is right

It is not easy to walk alone in the country without musing upon something.
~Charles Dickens

How true!

Trying to jump start my brain for a blog post today, I finally decided on my own version of a prompt.  Go to the Quote Garden and use the “Daily Harvest” quote of the day, whether I liked it or not, as my prompt.  Luckily, this one is decent.  And true, at least for me.

When I started walking this fall, I found that it gave me ample time to think and ponder.  I really couldn’t tell you what I think about while walking much of the time – musing on whatever might’ve happened the day before or that morning, or what my schedule would be for the day or week…  I listen to music, so sometimes I think about the lyrics I’m hearing.  I’ll ponder writing, or singing, or teaching…I will often begin by meditating or praying…but I am a child easily distracted, and I cannot seem to do that for a full 90 minutes yet.  But at least I begin. I can only tell you that I cannot ‘not think’ – the repetitive nature of the walking allows the brain to leave off thinking of the physical endeavor and spend the time on whatever else must need attention that day.

When I first started, I assumed (because I know myself) that I would probably walk for a couple weeks, and it would fizzle out – weather, schedule…something would come up that made walking in the Glen inconvenient, and the almost-habit would be broken before it even got off the ground.  To my surprise, I found that I enjoy that time, and that I am eager to get back to it.  The upcoming weekend is supposed to be nice – anything dry (or not actively precipitating) and in the thirties I can tolerate (again, much to my surprise, since I hate being cold) – and I’m hoping to get out, to walk alone in my country, happily musing upon something.


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