breaking things

I don’t like breaking things. most especially when they’re in my body. Seems I may have broken a little foot bone Monday. This makes me not happy – I like walking (see previous post!) and I like the ability to do whatever I like whenever I like. Things like going to the grocery store. or to Marshall’s and Homegoods. And Walking…

The Doc said to stay off it (and only for 2 weeks – I should be happy about this), and after 2 days of harrumphing and getting around anyway, I concede to his better judgement.  My foot doesn’t hurt so much, but I’m tired.  And I ache…just a little…

This should give me plenty of time to write – sitting on the sofa or in my favorite recliner is quite conducive to writing.  We’ll see how much that actually translates to blog posting, but I have a feeling that now I’ve accepted my lot, I will be more productive, both blogging and story-telling.

(Silver lining: Yes, I am upset, but think how productive I’ll be on the computer!)


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