Light a candle

Daily Prompt: find an object, any object, and write about it.

I love candles – always have.  I go through them like candy – visual candy, I suppose.  In the winter they make me feel warm, even if it’s only in my mind, though I’m pretty sure they do give off the slightest heat.  I enjoy seeing the flame dance.   I enjoy catching a whiff of them as I walk by.  I always have scented ones scattered about – and I’m particular about the scents – they must be season-appropriate, and they mustn’t give me a headache – sometimes scents, much as I adore them, give me a headache.

Since it’s winter, I have ‘winter scented’ candles – mulled cider, pumpkin spice, that sort of thing.  As spring and summer roll around, I will use light floral scents or herbals.  I love lemongrass and have a favorite candle in that scent – a few, actually, since if I see it, I buy it!  Lemongrass is especially comforting, and it is one scent that to me is seasonless.  I would use it now, except that I still have the cider-scented ones to use before winter is over.

I also have a bookshelf top covered in tealights.  I will light these candles in the morning or whenever I am in my music room.  They are specifically dedicated as a prayer altar, which I know is somewhat old-fashioned, but it brings me comfort.  If I hear of someone who needs prayer, I will light a one for them.  There are days when I know so many in need of specific prayer that I will light all 21 of them.  There are other days when I light only a few.

I see that I have used the word comfort twice, so that must be why I like candles – they comfort me, warm me physically and emotionally… I’m not surprised – between the light they give off, and the aromas I choose (I’m sure I’ve mentioned how deeply connected I am to scent), of course they bring me comfort.   As a matter of fact, I think I’ll light one right now.  Mmmm… spiced cider…



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