my writing space

Taking up a blogging challenge – yet again – by looking at my writing space and choosing three objects to reveal to my readership (the challenge wording, not mine).   This challenge is actually at least a week old.  Nothing like putting things off…  But! One of the assignments on the challenge was to fill a container with writing prompts on slips of paper.  It took me an hour, but I did it! 🙂  so I feel somewhat accomplished today, even though I haven’t finished this…which I started 2 days ago…but which I’m determined to finish today – and post!!   Here’s the problem with the assignment – I don’t really have a ‘writing space.’  I have a laptop, and carry it around with me…my writing space can be my bed or the sitting area in my bedroom, or my little desk in the music room, or the dining room table or the sofa or the kitchen counter.  The one thing all the spaces have in common is my computer.  And me, I guess.

My favorite work space, I suppose, is in my room.  This summer past, I redid the bedroom a bit – rearranged the furniture, bought a couple new pieces and a new bedspread…honestly, it looks entirely different now, simply because we moved the bed across the room from where it had been for almost 20 years.  I love to sit in a big armchair across from the bed.  It’s soft chenille with a hand knitted blanket thrown across the back (but which is often thrown over my lap this winter) and little foot stool in front of it. I like putting my feet up for a truly ‘settled in’ feeling.  The chair is a chamois tan color, which sometimes strikes me as funny.  I used to hate the color brown in general – boring, blah, and not meant to be used for decorative purposes!…but then…something changed…and I find it to be a cozy and soothing influence.  The walls are painted “macadamia nut” brown… funny…

Next to my chair is a curvy little table, painted white and grey, that I bought on a whim – and on clearance!  A friend calls me a Rococo kind of girl – I think she’s right.  I definitely like curves and scrollwork and gilt (the table’s grey is more a muted silver).  It’s a perfect place to rest a mug of coffee or tea, or to stash an extra pen and notepad for reminders.  Atop the table is a mercury glass lamp, a sweet little metal bird figure, and red crystal tealights.  Although occasionally I move the crystal to the table at the end of the bed – just for a change…I haven’t quite figured out what goes on that table, decoratively speaking.

In the morning my room is flooded with light from the eastern-facing window – even in the winter it warms the room on a sunny day.  In the evenings the lamps and warm colors also…warm… the room… and I am suddenly aware why I like the space.  Warm and cozy seem to be the keywords, not just with this space, but every space in my home.  But especially this space.  Bedrooms should be cozy, right?  And so should writing spaces – a place warm and cozy and comfortable, a place to pour out words and thoughts and ideas all over my computer.

*So I didn’t quite do what I was supposed to, but it got me to write.
Maybe next time I’m stuck, I’ll ‘reveal three objects’…


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