What does one do when one has a perfectly good story-line going, and then messes it up with three different trajectories?  I am not sure any of them are the ‘right one’ or if somehow they all belong together.  I had wanted to be long done with this project – surely 2 months is adequate time for writing a short novella?  Or perhaps not, for a first-timer.  I’m aggravated, dejected and frustrated.  Unsure that taking a week off (which I’ll have to do this week out of necessity) will be any help at all, and worried that it’ll be another hindrance.  I want to move on to another story-line I have in mind. And yet, I can’t.  Not until this is complete.  It’s an unfortunate character trait that I never move on to the next book until the current one is finished – and this is in reading.  How much worse when it’s in writing them!

Wish me luck – it’s going to be a long week – all my mind on this incomplete project, and no time to write, nor a computer to write with.  I’ll just hope that it’s a great time away, and I’ll come back rejuvenated and energized to my project.



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