40 writing prompts – Lemongrass

A few weeks ago I wrote down 40 or so writing prompts and tossed them into a tin for days when I want to write, but can’t think what to write about.  The tin contains things like books, chocolate, and fuzzy socks.  There was no order to what I wrote, just objects that crossed my mind…and as I got on in the exercise/assignment, it got harder!  But I made my 40.  On Tuesday, I chose my first paper – Lemongrass!


You might notice that today isn’t Tuesday, it’s Friday.  First I got distracted…then I decided to write about how fabulous walking is, and then…well then Wednesday and Thursday happened.  Most of today has happened, too, but I’m getting to the blog at long last.

So – Lemongrass.

I’m talking about the Essential Oil, not the plant, although I’m sure the plant is lovely, and I wouldn’t mind having one – I have had Thai food with Lemongrass, and it’s really interesting.  It tastes just like it smells!  Anyway – I was first introduced to Essential Oils (EOs) in general and Lemongrass in particular about ten years ago – and I can’t believe I didn’t know about them before that – they are Amazing!!

I love the scent itself – it is lemony, but not too citrus-y, and, to me, it smells like…clean.  I use it in blends for cleaning for the kitchen and bathrooms.

But it also smells like comfort.  More than for its cleaning properties (anti-viral/anti-fungal/insect repellent), I use it for its benefits to the body.

It is great in a blend for muscle ache – when my kids were going through intense physical training for Martial Arts or Cross Country/Track, and when my hubby was training for his first half-marathon, I would massage their aching muscles with a blend of Lavender and Lemongrass in a carrier oil, sometimes adding in a bit of Clary Sage if the muscles were particularly sore (also very good for ‘girl stuff’).

It’s also good with Eucalyptus and Peppermint for a head cold – a drop of each in a bowl of steaming water (eyes closed!) will clear the sinuses in no time, and a bit rubbed on the chest will open up the congestion there, too. (make sure to always use a carrier oil with these and most other EOs as they’re so concentrated.)

The other day, I was in a store and found my very favorite EO soy candles.  They are Thai Lemongrass, and smell like heaven.  I love the scent – as I said I find it to be the aroma of comfort.  I was sorely tempted to buy every single one, but I limited myself to just two.  I have one burning now – I wish I had a smell-o-vision computer!  I would love to share this scent with you.  If you ever come over – I will probably be burning a candle somewhere.  Or have one stashed you can sample!  If I could, I would give one to all my friends.  That’s how much I love it.




3 thoughts on “40 writing prompts – Lemongrass”

    1. Thank you!
      The prompts thing was a Daily Post ‘assignment’ from a few weeks ago, so I can’t take credit – the Daily Post article was called “Drought or Flood” I think. Really good ideas to just keep writing! 🙂

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