False Starts

Yesterday on Daily Post at WordPress, there was an article about dredging up and using drafts to fill in one’s writing schedule and use up perfectly good material.  Great idea.  Except that my drafts are languishing for a reason – I’m not sure how to finish them!  So I’m borrowing this idea! To share the beginnings of posts here, unfinished and as-is, kind of a “random thoughts” thing. These are a few that I started, but either changed my mind on, or couldn’t finish (the last one, for obvious reasons!).  Left off this list is one post that’s nearly complete, except that I’ll have to save it for August.  It’s a back-to-school theme.  And, too, my “just ideas” draft, which is actually a list of things I should blog about – to give me ideas.  which I seldom, if ever, look at anymore.  and I may post it if desperate after I finish my “tin of prompts” next month.

The Playlist:

A favorite author of mine develops a playlist for every book she writes.  While I know I had previously posted about how I need silence for writing, I begin to see a certain wisdom in listening to certain music.  Music evokes atmosphere, emotion, a state of being.  In honor of her, I am putting together my own playlist.  Music that my characters would have listened to, music they identify with, that expresses their inner thoughts.


Addicted to personality profile quizzes – people keep posting them, and I keep taking them. A couple weeks ago, it was color (Pink!), before that was MBTI and various fictional characters’ results (Frodo, Luke Skywalker, Luna Lovegood, and I are all INFP). Today iPersonic (Sensitive Doer). The results are always the same. I am fabulous..


Once upon a time I tried acting. In a Shakespeare play. To understand my character, I journalled. A lot. As her. Is that weird? I think it might be, but I did it anyway. I’m sure it helped.  I knew why she had made the decisions she had – I understood her thought processes and why she reacted certain ways as the play unfolded.  I may not have been Glenn Close, but I had done my homework, and I did the best I could in that moment.

So now I’m trying my hand at writing a book. A novella really. But I am struggling with a few things. I thought I might try journaling again. As a character I am only just beginning to understand. She is of my own creation, so you would think I would know exactly what she’s thinking. I made her up! Or… Did I? Sometimes I feel as though I’m just getting to know her, like an actual person. Other times I feel like she is me, or at least an aspect of me. So of course I know what she thinks. Only… She doesn’t respond to events like I would.  No.  She ends up doing her own thing, and I don’t know where she came up with such a cockamamie response.  Perhaps journalling will help, perhaps not, but writing is writing, and at the very least, I’ll be practicing this craft.


Have the courage to live. Anyone can die. ~Robert Cody

This quote fills me with trepidation. Can I adequately prose on about so profound a statement?



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