My Literary Mistress

I’m not ignoring you, I promise.  I might not be with you – but I think of you every day!  Are you lonely without me?  I see that sometimes you have visitors.  I hope they are spending enough time with you that you don’t miss me at all – or at least not so much.

It’s just that she takes up so much time.  She’s very demanding – I had no idea how much she would require of me – none at all.  I thought we would spend a few weeks together – two months at most! – and we’d be done.  I’d get her out of my system and come back to you, my sweet little blog.  I think if you met her you would understand why I am so enamored.  She is intriguing – fascinating – and I’m always learning new things about her.  Alas, our time is almost over.  She is almost done with me.  

Though it seems she has a friend that requires my attention too.  This time I know better.  I will manage my time, I will make time for you, and we can be together just like the old days.  You’ll forget that I made you languish in a corner of my life, unwritten and feeling unloved.  Forgive me?



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