I give up

This morning I uttered these words.  Out loud or in my head, I don’t remember – it’s all the same to me!  But the most wonderful thing happened afterward!  I looked up, and looked around, and I had a mini adventure!

I have posted before about my walking ( here and here and here) and about the Glen where I most like to walk.  And it’s true that it’s my favorite place.  I have a nice little loop that’s a good workout and I know the landmarks to use to gauge my distances (although Endomondo always tells me).  Generally speaking, although I have tried a few other places, and enjoyed the “nature” and novelty, I always come back to the Glen.  Mostly because I am very much a creature of habit.  Once I find something I like, whether it’s a restaurant meal or article of clothing, or exercise regimen, I stick with it.  I might try something else, but I always come back to the tried-and-true.  There’s a reason it’s my favorite.

But this morning…I went to walk and thought – I should try this path instead – it’s been calling me for a month…and I know that it’ll take me to the bridge I see from the edge of my usual route…

This path, it turns out, is – or seemed to me! – little more than a deer path.  It was clearly marked.  I’m sure it was meant to be used.  But perhaps not by the likes of me.  It was slightly overgrown in places, very muddy and wet in others (because of rain – my usual path was probably also muddy), and strung about most everywhere – invisible strands of spider silk.  Which is not my favorite…although I was mostly a grown-up about it, there were admittedly a few times that I made faces and uttered sounds of dismay and even revulsion.  And when I got to the end, a mere 1.5 miles later…no footbridge.  Somehow I’d taken a wrong turn… And my choice was to go back the way I had come, or take a slightly curvy, slightly busy road back up to the bike path.  I knew exactly where I was, but it wasn’t at all where I’d thought I would end up.  The road…easy and sure…but just busy enough to make me nervous.

I went back the way I came.  Because I am also a glutton for punishment.  And my “ews” and “icks” seemed all the more pronounced to me the second time around.  Until finally I said, “I give up.”  My workout wasn’t much of a workout if I was constantly slowing to pick my way over fallen logs and stepping stones and muddy ground.  (Heaven forbid I should slip and fall!)

So I gave up.  I slowed my pace and started looking around.  I got my phone/camera out and took a dozen pictures of beautiful stuff, which of course doesn’t look nearly so lovely in photos.  The silks were still there, and the mud, and I saw a crawdad crawling out of (and then hurriedly back into) it’s little burrow.  And I think I may have received a few bug bites.  But I had to laugh – I wish I’d had a walking partner this time, so we could’ve made fun of each other for our eeks and squeals.   I found that sometimes…sometimes a mini-adventure is just the thing to make one appreciate the beauty of novelty, and the lovely comfort of the tried-and-true – and to see the usual with fresh eyes!

Below, a slide show of my mini-adventure (I keep calling it this, so that I will remember the good of it instead of the uncomfortable parts) with commentary.  I never did find that foot bridge.  And I realized at the end that it crossed a different section of creek altogether.  Of course… 🙂

The edge of a rickety-looking, but ultimately sturdy, bridge, with an 8 foot drop
A fallen tree, quite picturesque.
The ‘wilds’ are lovely, aren’t they?
Finally, finally! A way to cross the river (creek?) and to be where the paths are wide.
I was quite taken with the stepping stones…
And look – I’m in the middle of the water.
Another picturesque scene.
The stepping stones behind me. I wonder which one I used for my selfie?
Across the river/creek again, a quite beautiful staircase! How quaint!
…and more stepping stones.
On the staircase side of the stones…hmm…this looks vaguely familiar…
A better photo of the staircase. Hey, this looks even more familiar…
I take a good look down the path. I take this stair and this path every time I come to the glen! No wonder it looks familiar!

2 thoughts on “I give up

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