Drumsticks (40 writing prompts)

Prompt tin strikes again.  Prompt #3 – Drumsticks.  20140609-132904-48544390.jpg

What in the world possessed me to put that in there?  Must’ve been one of the last to go in when I was running out of ideas, and desperate to just finish the thing off!

I immediately think of my son when I hear drums, see drum paraphernalia, etc.  He’s the drummer in the family.  This morning as I drove home from the grocery I heard a lone stick rolling around the back of my car – it’s been there a while, but I only just identified it with certainty.  I used always to have sticks on the floor – at least one pair, sometimes two.  Back when I drove him to drum lessons weekly.  When he began to drive himself, they disappeared – I’m not sure when, and I usually don’t miss them.  But as is everything so far this summer, little things are fraught with nostalgia as I prepare to let my little bird fly the nest.  And today I miss drumsticks on the floor of my car.  I don’t want to remove the lone stick in my trunk.  I will miss seeing singles and pairs sitting on the kitchen counter or table.  And when I hear the battery of our high school marching band come fall, I will miss seeing him take the field with his mates.

This is the snare on his drum kit, with his Vic Firth 5B sticks – I don’t know much about what he does, but I know 5Bs are his favorite.



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