The waiting time

And now, we wait…

What are we waiting for? you may ask.  Good question.  We’re waiting for responses from three lovely ladies who, perhaps unbeknownst to them, are holding my heart in their proverbial hands.  Waiting for them to say Yes, this is good.  We can work with this.  Or (perish the thought!), Oh no, Sweetie, this isn’t going to work.  

You see, I have spent the last few months pouring my creative energy not into my music, but into a novel.  I wrote a book.  I wrote a book!  It makes me giddy, quite honestly, to put that into words and then out into the world.  Several of my friends know about it, and some family.  I’ve even had a few people read it, or large chunks of it.  The response has been encouraging.

And now, these lovely ladies.  They are editors, and technically, I’m interviewing them – by sending a sample of my work and seeing what they suggest in the way of improvements.  But it feels oh-so-very-much like I’m the one auditioning.  I hope they like it.  I hope, by extension, that they like me.  I hope that I will find just the one who will immediately see and share my vision.  I hope, I hope, I hope…

I don’t often ask for things.  But if you have read this, please say a little prayer for me.  It is a wonderful, scary, exciting, nerve-wracking moment in my creative life.  I am foolish to put this out in the world, but too excited to keep it inside, so much like a newly pregnant woman who wants to shout to the world that she’s going to be a mama before the prescribed ‘first-trimester wait’ is over.  This is me shouting – I’m going to be a mama!  My baby is a book, and I’m not sure in this case what the gestation period is, but I can’t wait to show her to the world someday.


1 thought on “The waiting time”

  1. Reblogged this on April B and commented:

    Originally posted in June, then quickly made private as the enormity of what I’d just said overtook me, I wanted to share yet again. On social media, I have made references to writing, editing, rewriting, without actually saying what it is I write. Let this be the official announcement! (she said with butterflies dashing about in her midsection.)
    This time, I have an editor (we began working together in July), and I have a desire to make this part of my life known. I am proud of this work and am tired of dancing around it out of some misguided bashfulness. I have no idea what the future will bring (and I don’t expect commercial success and acclaim), but it is increasingly clear that I have a calling to write. This book is one of a trilogy, and I have seeds of two other books planted in my heart. I will continue teaching and singing, and I am finding my way, balancing both arts in my life.

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