Big Cozy Chair (40 writing prompts)

From my tin of prompts:

20140701-203312-73992239.jpgMy big cozy chair sits in my bedroom opposite the bed. A little seating area that is perfect for writing and blogging and reading and even napping. It’s really not that big, but big enough for me, and I definitely find it cozy, especially with the throw over my lap.  I bought the chair last summer in my quest to update my bedroom (re-arrangement and new linens were the primary change, but the seating area was a wonderful addition) and when I found it I knew I had to have it.  Of course, there was only one – and try as I might, I’ve never found a second chair that matches, or even coordinates well with it, but I suppose that’s what I get when I shop at discount stores.  Well…that’s not entirely true.  I found a matching chair in a mossy color – same chair, same fabric, different color -when I went to Spokane last summer.  But I was unwilling to have the thing shipped across the country.  One of those decisions that I almost regret.  I mean, really, how expensive could it have been?…

The table to the side is a perfect place for my beverage (usually coffee) and the hassock allows me to stretch my legs for the best sort of lounging. Probably half of my blogging is done here, and a great deal of other writing, too.  I have this idea that real writers probably use a table or a desk, but even though I use them, I much prefer to have my laptop where it belongs – on my lap – as I tap away at the keyboard. But then, I’m not a writer – I’m a dabbler! So I break the rules and lounge when I think on paper (or screen), instead of sitting at a desk ‘working’. For me, this isn’t work – it’s fun, a pastime, a hobby. And so a big comfy chair is the best place to settle in – like a sweet little coze between me and my dear friend Creativity.

Surprisingly, I am 20140701-203313-73993839.jpgnot in my chair as I type this – I’m across the room, propped up in bed and looking at my writing place, hoping the words will come. I think now that instead of looking at my chair, I ought to have been in my chair.  Just like when we were in school, and a prof told us to always sit in the same place (or close) for tests as we did for class, so that our information recall would be better.  Perhaps sitting in the same place for blogging as I always do for…blogging…would improve my information recall – or in this case, my sensory recall – so that I could more aptly tell you all about my big cozy chair.  Ah well, too late now!


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