On vacation

This is vacation week for us; we’re at the beach in North Carolina.  Oh, how lovely it all is!  The sand, the crashing waves, the sun and the breeze!  If I could, I would have a house here for the summer, and move back and forth between NC and Ohio.  Of course, that’s prohibitively expensive and impractical.  But one can daydream, can’t one?

I meant to take photos today to share, but I got lazy and forgot.  I sat on the beach and read, people-watched, and dozed.  Then I went to lunch with the family.  Then it was time for Siesta.  After that, more beach time.  Really – can you see why I forgot to take photos?  On second thought, I wasn’t lazy, I was busy relaxing.  It’s hard work trying not to do things – for some of my beach time, I felt a bit guilty that I wasn’t planning my blogs or blogging.  Or writing of any sort.  But then I was reminded by my dear hubby that I’m supposed to be on vacation – relaxing, not working!  So…

Perhaps tomorrow there will be photos to share – for today a song, Here is Love, Vast as the Ocean.  A beautiful Welsh hymn, sung in both Welsh and English:



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