I love Henna.  I find it to be beautiful, and especially love the more traditional art.  At the beach the big shops advertise Henna Tattoos in every shape and design you can imagine.  I’m not sure when this started being a ‘thing’ but I adore getting one!  It plays right into my fascination with body art: beautiful design and no long term commitment.  This year I got a modified mandala.  Not a truly traditional form, but with a traditional look. and instead of getting it on my shoulder like I did last year, I got it on my foot, so I can admire it for the next few weeks instead of forgetting it’s there.

This is the henna directly after application:20140708-204152-74512234.jpg

This is after I removed the dried paste.  It’s a little faded looking, but is supposed to darken overnight – and tomorrow I’ll update with a photo of the finished product!



And on 7/9:

This morning it looked like this!  Wow – gorgeous! 🙂



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