I was dreading my birthday this year. I don’t know precisely why, but I was.  It came and went, though, and nothing really changed.  I was the same and my life followed the same patterns it had the previous year.  But I have found a certain freedom in being, as the French might say, a woman of a certain age.

For instance:

My body is not much changed from last year, and yet, while sitting on the beach the other day, I realized something strange and wonderful. My body isn’t something to be embarrassed about – I had always used to be self-conscious about my weight – specifically my pear-shaped weight distribution – especially at the beach.  I hid my lower half whenever possible with shorts and skirts and wraps even if I waded into the surf.  But something changed.  I went down to the beach as usual.  One-piece swimsuit and pereo in place.  As usual.  But as I lounged in my beach chair, I glanced down at my lap, and I saw, not the lower half of a pear shape, but strong muscular legs.  Yes, perhaps the muscle is covered in a layer of protective ‘plump’, but I am strong – I walk miles a day, up and down hills and cliffs and steps, and my beautiful legs carry me all the way! Now, I still wear the cute little wrap – at least, I have the past 3 days.  But not because I need it to hide my flaws. No. I wear it because unleashing this much Awesome on the beach just isn’t fair to the rest of the world! 😉

I am only sorry it took me becoming a forty-something to realize how fabulous I look – in a dress or jeans or – yes! – my swimsuit. But I am glad it happened.  This is one change that I will embrace!  Happy Birthday to ME!


***yes, I know looks aren’t everything.
I know that other things are much more important –
personality and kindness, for instance.
It’s nice, though, to have some confidence in how one looks.
In the words of Fernando, “If you look marvelous, you feel marvelous, and darling,
you look marvelous!



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