July 10

UNO is a fabulous game.

When we gather as a family around the table, I know there is fun to be had, jokes to be shared, and laughter in abundance.  Even if I don’t win (which I didn’t tonight) I will giggle and snort and guffaw with my family.  We arbitrarily team up against those who call ‘Uno!’ and apologize without true remorse for laying down ‘mean cards’ for our neighbors at the table. (‘Mean cards’ are Skip, sometimes Reverse, Draw 2 and Wild Draw 4).  The sarcasm comes out in spades, and the clever, witty remarks are a riot. I’m not sure what the tagline is for the game, but it should probably be something like

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
(Until my enemy becomes my friend, or vice-versa, and then all bets are off.)





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