Ten Books

There’s a Facebook challenge going around, or maybe that fad is already over. I’m a little late to the party since I waited 2 weeks to do my list. You’re supposed to name Ten Books that stayed with you after you finished them. I posted my results after stashing them here first. And, you know, since I have a draft started, and I haven’t posted in a while, it’s only logical to use it as a jumping off point. So here’s my list, with expanded notes. Technically, I have 23 books (if I counted right) but there’s a reason! They aren’t in order of importance, or chronological reading order, but the order in which they came to mind. (Read into it what you will.)

1. The Bridgerton Series (7 books) – Julia Quinn
2. The Essex Sisters (4 books) – Eloisa James

These books are among the first I recommend to anyone who wants to try Romance reading. Quinn and James are two of my favorite authors. Each set is definitely a series, even though each book holds up as it’s own story. It is nice to get to know the people in the overarching story of the families. For the most part the family characters and many other secondary characters make appearances in most or all the books. Read them all. 🙂

3. Sacred Waiting – David Timms
4. Living the Lord’s Prayer – David Timms
I read Sacred Waiting first, and enjoyed it thoroughly. It made me think and ponder a lot about life in general, and my life in specific. I liked it so much that I began following his blog, where I read about the second book. I am still digesting all the wisdom in Living the Lord’s Prayer. The book is wise and deep and challenging. I highly recommend it, and am thinking of purchasing it in paperback so that I can lend it out. It’s just that good.

5. Outlander – Diana Gabaldon
Such a good story! Anyone I know who read it was immediately in love with Jamie, and wanted to be Claire. Also part of a series, but I definitely loved the first one the best.

6. Years – Laverle Spencer
It’s a talented author who can take a not-so-likable hero and make readers absolutely fall in love with him over the course of a few chapters.  There are a couple scenes that just tore sobs from my heart – you’ll have to read it to know why. I’m not spoiling anything for you here.

7. Go Dog Go – P.D. Eastman
This book…Not exactly the novels above, but it sure did stay with me! My kids absolutely loved this book. I could recite it from memory once. Though that’s faded, there are still lines we use in our family, or that I think when I hear certain phrases. I’m not sure that’ll ever go away.

8. Once Upon a Marigold – Jean Ferris
Another book from the collection of things I read to my kids. A wonderful fairy tale, with a modern sensibility and terrific humor. It has a sequel which is also good, but the first is still my favorite.

9. The Huxtable Family Series (5 books) – Mary Balogh
Yet again, a series. And impossible to choose just one, for the same reasons as listed in 1 & 2. All my favorite authors are series writers it seems! I love her – will pick up her books on name alone because it’s always worth it. Again, there is humor laced into the romance and plot, which pulls me in like nothing else. 🙂

10. Love is Blind – Lynsay Sands
My impression is that most of Sands’ books are Paranormal Romance, but I picked this up at the library long ago and have loved the story ever since. It’s a Regency, and full of balls and teas and dresses, and the hero and heroine are not the usual types. Their story is poignant and beautiful, despite a few missteps and worries (on their parts and the parts of their ‘helpful’ friends and family). One of the best endings ever.


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