40 Writing Prompts – Nail polish

It’s May first. I’m starting my own May challenge, at least one post a day this month, just to get me writing. The best way to write more is to write more, right? ūüėČ

From my prompt tin, I pulled a paper that said “nail polish” so here we go…

I painted on a new color today. It reminded me of spring, which is perfect, don’t you think? It’s pink. But it’s not sweet and innocent powder pink. No, bright pink, verging on coral.¬†It’s daring¬†and confident, and ever so slightly cheeky, like sassy tulips.¬†In the right light, maybe it’s a crass, bold almost-red, the kind of red that screams “cheap lipstick”. Nevertheless, it’s definitely pink.

Polish makes me feel finished. Gives me an extra little bit of confidence in how I look. Makes me feel ever so flirty and cute. Or edgy. Or classy. It depends on the color, depends on the day.

Matte nude: definitely classy. goes with pearls and cardigans. I imagine I could very properly have tea with a duchess in my modest frock, manners just so, clever bon mots delivered in an effortless, lady-like way. A gentle smile on my lips and an appreciative nod for anecdotes shared.

Navy blue: slightly edgy. Black is so predictable. Deep blue, however, hmm… It’s somber, perfect for those dreary days in winter, matching mood to cloud-cover. But not…black*. Black is a¬†standard-uniform¬†Goth/Rocker/Rebel hue. Blue – blue seems proper enough – navy is a lovely color for suits¬†and pumps, unexceptionable for (almost) any occasion. But on fingertips, it’s still a little bit daring. Just a little. Enough to hint at more beneath the surface than files and reports and meetings.

Coral-Pink: flirty. sometimes sultry. always cute. Coral makes me think of summer and beaches. Lips stained from popsicles and the smell of coconut oil-scented sunscreen. Who doesn’t feel sexy when wearing a fresh tan, effortless up-do,¬†airy¬†sundress and coral lip gloss? Add fingertips newly painted, playing with the¬†straw¬†in¬†an ice-cold drink, and flirty is the only word that comes to mind. Its almost a clich√©d summer movie scene. Can you see it? I can. Girl spies boy across the bar (or restaurant, or pier). She catches his eye and holds his gaze, while coyly twirling a breeze-loosened curl between her fingers. She looks away, suddenly shy. Boy is transfixed – it’s love at first sight. He makes a bee-line to her side and proceeds to woo the maiden with¬†witty remarks and observations. She giggles appealingly, and admires his…mind…with a hand upon his (naturally) muscular arm. A gesture he notices not only by feel, but by sight, as his eyes are caught by the bright tips grazing his skin… Flirty. Cute. Eye-catching and sexy.

Bright coral-pink is definitely my favorite color today.

*To be clear, I’ve had my share of black tips, and have nothing against a good black mani – glossy, matte or glittery. I just prefer blue.


2 thoughts on “40 Writing Prompts – Nail polish

  1. Good luck with challenge April. I am not a nail polish guy, Ha Ha… but I look forward to the rest of your thoughts this month! Haven’t had time to go thru the past posts, but hope to someday. If not, will join in from here on out. Cheers, Rodney

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