The ones that got away

Because it’s Saturday night, and I’ve been gone all day, and now I just wanna hang out by the fire and relax with a cider and my hubby, I’m re-blogging this from a couple years ago.
Dresses – My Favorite! 🙂

April B

I’m talking dresses here, but it’s still a love story. If you read my previous entry, you’ll know that I love gowns. Actually, love might be too mild a word. I would own a thousand of them if I could. Even though I wear jeans most of the time, that’s only because it’s cold right now. As soon as it’s warm enough, I pull out the sundresses, and live in them again. and if we were a long-dresses kind of society, I would be happy in dresses year round – you can put all kinds of warmth under a long dress that doesn’t work with our modern knee length skirts. But I digress…

Two dresses that I wanted to buy but didn’t still haunt me. I loved them. They were beautiful, and beautifully made, and I was stunning in them. Not ” Wow, look at that gorgeous dress” stunning; I…

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