The Playlist

A favorite author of mine develops a playlist for every book she writes.  While I know I had previously posted about how I need silence for writing, I begin to see a certain wisdom in listening to certain music.  Music evokes atmosphere, emotion, a state of being.  In honor of her, I am putting together my own playlist.  Music that my characters would have listened to, music they identify with, that expresses their inner thoughts. Music that gets me to a good mental place to write in silence.

And in doing so, I find that one of my characters likes to sing. She’s not great at it, but get her tipsy enough and she loves to break into song – anything you or she says is bound to remind her of lyrics! She’s generally shy though. I’m not sure she’d do this in the everyday.

So this month, as I think about the manuscript, go about my business, & generally obsess over these people, I’ll be listening to their music. Putting together the playlist, one song at a time. I’m not sure if I’ll share them all – I know the tunes/songs/pieces seem random and unrelated to each other or anything at all, but I’ll leave you with this one. I used to have a CD (since lost) of Copland conducting his own music. This movement resonated with me then, and expresses my heroine’s yearning and deep desire to be loved and cherished – a longing quiet and tentative, borne on broken-but-mending wings.


3 thoughts on “The Playlist

  1. ahhhh. Music soothes my soul! It is one of the greatest gifts God gave us I think. I only wish I had a talent for it. I appreciate others talents though. And I CAN sing really good in a shower or in my car with nobody listening, ha Ha.

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