More work in progress (slightly lavender prose)

“Kiss me.”

“What? but….” Robert was taken by surprise at her request. Demand. He’d taken care not to press her, or even let on that he was in love with her. She’d needed time, he knew, to recover and heal. 

“I said kiss me. Haven’t you ever just wanted to be kissed? I don’t care that it doesn’t mean anything, I just want to feel desirable.” Miranda was feeling headstrong and foolish. Throwing caution to the wind, she decided she didn’t care if he thought she was crazy, didn’t care that he didn’t love her – might not even particularly like her – only cared that he help her tame the fire that was burning inside her. She wouldn’t think about regret, or propriety, or anything else. She was standing toe-to-toe with him, daring him to say no. “Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss someone? Just…wondered? I’m not interested in anything else. It’s not like I’m asking you to marry me.” She trailed lazy fingers up his chest and wrapped a hand casually around his neck. Her other arm snaked around his waist as she closed the gap between them, pressed herself against him. “Just. Kiss. Me.”  Miranda whispered a hairsbreadth from his mouth as she closed her eyes and raised her lips to his.

Robert had stopped thinking the moment she touched him. At the brush of her lips he slammed the door on his conscience and took full advantage of what she was offering. She may not be interested in anything else, but he sure as hell was, and he’d take this golden opportunity to entice her.

He lifted his arms to circle around her, tightening his hold and pressing her hard into him, hip to hip, chest to chest, soft flesh against hard muscle. His tongue traced her lower lip, tasting her. He began a slow conquest, meeting her,  teasing and arousing her, deepening the kiss until he felt her yield. Robert closed his teeth ever so gently on that pouting lip, nipping her before soothing the teasing nip with the glide of his tongue once again. Miranda pulled away momentarily, her eyes questioning. She hadn’t expected him to tease her. Hadn’t expected him to take the lead.  He lowered his hungry mouth again in answer to her confusion. If she needed to feel desired, he’d make sure Miranda understood she was the only woman he wanted.

He stroked her back as he kissed a trail from her jawline to her ear, slowly down the lovely column of her neck and across her shoulder. Robert moved aside a heavy curl with the stroke of a fingertip, grazing the ridge of her clavicle with the merest touch of his thumb. Miranda sighed and turned her chin, baring her neck for him, lifting herself into him for more attention. Robert obliged, with open mouth and the rasp of teeth against sensitive flesh. He met her again, lip to lip, gently teasing her as he skillfully banked the fire of longing burning in her.

“What was that?” Her voice was a bare whisper as she gathered her wits.

“Didn’t you just say you wanted me to kiss you?” Robert asked. Miranda nodded slowly as her tongue slid over her lower lip, reminding her of his presence there a second ago. Her eyes drifted shut and she sighed into him again.


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