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Originally written on Aug. 6, 2015, I put it on the back burner, because, well, I don’t know why. Today, I raked through the drafts folder, looking for something to salvage and post. Since my book is a year old now, and I’ve been talking with friends and reading about blogging, it seems time.

Thinking about blogging again – but stifling myself, I’m not sure why. As though I have nothing to say, when I have plenty to say, I simply don’t know if I should say it, or even how. This is prompted by the realization the past few days that I am terrible with social media! I mean, I know that, but this summer, having limited my time on it severely, means that I have to be deliberate in what I say to others, who I choose to interact with, etc. And I find more and more that I choose to say nothing. It’s as though I am become even more introverted than I already am in real life!

This is a problem, because I am supposed to use social media to promote my writing, but I don’t want to. I have also realized (I’ve known this all along, but I’m thinking about it especially today) that I’m terrible at self-promotion. Really really!!! I was never good at it as a singer, and I don’t know what made me think I’d be good at it as a writer. I watch my twitter feed, full of writers promoting their work, happily announcing their accomplishments and quoting themselves (their books). Yet somehow I feel pushy or obnoxious in doing exactly the same thing. Why? It’s a good book, and I know it’s good, so I should want to share it. Really, if I were to become a well-known writer, it would be minor miracle. I’m content to just put my work out there, share a little of myself, and go on to the next project. I know my sweet hubby thinks I’m a little nuts that I went to all the trouble – and expense – of publishing a book (and I plan to do it again) without apparent concern for its success. Heck, I  think I’m a little nuts! I mean, it would be nice for people to buy it. I do enjoy money, after all – it pays for fun things, like electricity and gas, shoes and clothes. But… I am mostly just tickled if someone says they enjoyed reading it.

This isn’t just about books either – yesterday I was reading a blog I follow and she was talking about her stats and followers and commenters – how much she loves to see those numbers, and how disappointing it is when they fall. And I thought – omg – she has how many followers? Seriously? And how many people read her every day? omg. I don’t even have a quarter of that…and I go days without people reading…weeks without even posting…something is definitely off-kilter here… I need to seriously think about my goals in life. I realize it’s not all about the numbers – I know she knows that, too. But I think about how long she’s been blogging (~3 years, same as me) and just wow. She is a successful woman. I’m not sure how much she promoted herself in the beginning (I only started following her last month) but I know she cultivated relationships in the blogosphere, which led to her success. Good for her! I don’t begrudge her that at all. If anything, I look at her and think How does one do that? Because (and this is where that introvertedness comes in) I just can’t make myself do that – it’s so hard to comment out of the blue on things. Heck, I don’t do it in real life, either!!

So, since there probably isn’t a class (that I want to pay for or sit through) on putting on my big-girl pants and getting myself out there, I’ve resolved to do this:

Today I’m giving myself an assignment. Well, two, actually. The first is to write – I haven’t done any writing the past couple days, and I need to get back on that wagon before I drop the habit too much. The second – and more difficult – will be to promote my book in some way/shape/form today. Mention it, link it, something. I cringe! and then I laugh at myself – come on! It’s not that hard, is it? …

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(Fulfilling two assignments in one shot – a blog post, and little linky-doos!)


8 thoughts on “introverted me”

  1. Great post, April! I feel the same way! Every time I share something on social media, it’s because I’ve more or less forced myself to do it. Self-promotion is not a natural thing for so many of us, but the way I look at is this: I love to write and if I want to keep doing it (to the degree I am currently), I need my books to sell. I don’t like to think of it as a business, and I’m all with you on writing for writing’s sake and just wanting to give more to the people who enjoy my stories or poems, but necessity calls and forces me to post something. Best wishes to you with your writing, whether you choose to use the social forces or not, and can’t wait to read your next book!

    1. Thanks H.! It’s always nice to know I’m not alone! The struggle is real! and I’m glad I have friends like you to journey along with in the process. 🙂

  2. Hang in there, April you can do it! It’s tough, but it also puts you in the way of meeting a lot of great friends. I have some really wonderful friends I’d never have met another way.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! It’s true that so far I’ve met great people, encouragers and inspiring examples of the fruits of hard work! 🙂 Thanks for being one of them. 🙂

  3. Same problem here. Never been one to talk about “doing it”, I just do it! The bit about self promotion was somehow skipped as my DNA was programmed. I do have a running observation though. The self promotion type tend to be (more often than not) vapid phonies. They attract like minded fools. They seem to suffer more and rarely have deep, long term bonds. I don’t envy them a bit. I’d rather let my work and actions speak for me. If you don’t feel I’m a good human based on your own observations then I’ll never truly convince you differently with my words.

    1. Quite true when dealing with the realness of people. Actions speak, and I tend to listen more closely to actions than words.
      Less true when dealing with business… how can my work speak for itself if nobody knows about it? Hence my dilemma. However, there must be a balance. My quest is to find it. 🙂

      Dear, C – You, as I have said before, are a LOVELY human, and I am glad to know you, even though I only know you through your words. I hear quiet souls as if they speak loudly, sometimes. 🙂

      1. You can be visible and yet not a bragger ma’am. Your challenge is to devine the path to that visibility. It is a challenge and goal that I’m confronted with regularly. I’ve remained steadfast in my belief that goals can be met without abandoning who and what I want to be. Hopefully you will be able to do the same.

        Now, you are obviously a creative lady sooooo….. ponder away. Many of us are here, allow us to help as it seems right.

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