Being Wonder Woman

A few days ago I read this article by Whitney Johnson.  The author posited that each of us has a Superpower, and invited us to look for the superpower hidden in plain sight–in those around us and in ourselves.

Because I am the way I am, I looked inward first, teasing apart my actions, my strengths, and wondering what my superpower might be. I have yet to find a satisfactory answer. Not because I don’t think I have one, but because mine seems… not very super.

I’ve looked around me, as well, to those I interact with most. Somehow it’s easier to identify others’ superpowers.

I have one friend who is terrific at motivating others. When I’m around her, nothing seems impossible, and the craziest ideas seem logical and do-able. She’s persistent, for herself and for others, and amazingly, things get done when she is around!

I have another friend who has a calming influence on everyone she’s with. One can simply sit in her company, and feel the weight of cares slide from one’s shoulders. I love being with that friend. (Thinking of her, I believe it’s been entirely too long since I’ve visited with her, and I must make a phone call.)

And I have a few friends I think of as energizer bunnies. They seem not to need sleep or a day off. They keep moving and doing, whether they are at home or at work. Frankly, the thought of constantly doing leaves me exhausted, but where would we be without those who do when the rest of us have conked out?

One woman I know is the most hospitable lady on earth. She knows just how to make others feel welcome whether in her home or out in the community, and is constantly arranging meals and hostessing gatherings.

I have always loved Wonder Woman. Wanted to be her when I was little, jokingly compare myself to her now that I’m grown. I have used her as my Facebook profile picture when feeling particularly unstoppable, and tease that she is my alter-ego. But in truth, she’s much more independent and self-sufficient than I. She also knows how to fly a jet, and I don’t.

But that doesn’t mean I lack a superpower. Mine’s just less obvious, more like Ninjapower. After deliberation, and thinking about what I’ve been complimented most on lately (compliments to which my reply is usually, ‘it was nothing.’), I think my superpower is caring for people. Showing up for them, because ‘that’s what friends do’ or because they need a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold, an extension of lovingkindness. It seems trivial to me. I would rather be an energizer bunny. I would rather be an indomitable spirit. I would rather “get things done.” But what I am is good, too. I keep reminding myself of that. People need love, as much as they need food and water and shelter.

What about you? Think on it for a moment. What’s your superpower? Are you a powerhouse of stick-to-it-iveness or determination? Are you a detail-oriented planning Boss? or the Big Idea guy, who gets the ball rolling for everyone, and oversees projects to the end? Do you have a quieter sort of power–a ninjapower? Flying under the radar, encouraging others, welcoming them, or loving them.

Let me know–I want to hear you acknowledge your gifts, own your greatness, and generally love who you are!


9 thoughts on “Being Wonder Woman”

  1. I love this post, Wonder Woman! Caring for people is a fantastic superpower. Just think of the other superpower-types you listed: the calmer, the motivator, those get ‘er done bunnies, the supreme host… Where would they be without the people who care for them? Your power may be quiet, like a ninja, but it is significant! As for me, I’m still wondering about that one…. Finding my way to it, maybe…. By the way, I’d totally bet you could fly Wonder Woman’s jet (once you figured out how to start the engine)–no blind spots!

    1. Based on our short friendship, I’d have to say that at least one of yours is animal-whisperer! And I bet you have a way with human-type animals, too, don’t you? 🙂

  2. Super powers are funny things aren’t they? Very easy to identify in others but much harder to see in yourself. Most decent people, you included, fail to see in themselves the magic that leaves others in awe. It is so intrinsic as to be invisible to the holder.

    Ask your spouse about your superpower and then compliment their’s. Might make for an interesting interaction.

    1. Agreed, C.
      And acknowledging the superpowers of our spouses should be par for the course in any marriage. Oughtn’t we all think we hit the jackpot marrying the superhero of our dreams, and enjoying the position of sidekick who appreciates their strengths and uses our own to their advantage. Of course, in addition to being caring, I am also an idealistic optimist.

      1. Not optimistic ma’am, wise.

        We should all act as such. Sadly we may encounter a hero who fails to recognize their power. That failure can lead to their stumble and the relationship’ failing. Sad but true and all the more reason to wave your hero’s flag and support them with your strengths.

        We should be as

  3. Mine is procrastination! Ok, so I know that’s not a valid answer, it’s supposed to be a good thing. I’d say I can daydream with the best of them. That’s it. Great post!

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