A Coffee and Catch-up Time

Hey there. Do you have time for a quick cup of coffee?   🙂   Me too!

I know, it’s been ages, and I’m a terrible friend for not keeping in better touch. Forgive me? Aww–Thank you! You are so very kind.

I know you must have lots to tell me, what with the holidays just over. I have a few things, too. You go first–no, me? Oh, okay. But then you promise to tell me all the things!

Let’s see… well, our first Christmas with a grand-baby was wonderful. She’s at just an age where she discovers new things constantly, whether it’s rolling over, or her fascinating toes, or how to make delightful sounds. She flirts with everyone, has a very definite personality, and I laugh out loud at her endeavors and antics! She is a joy–something I knew but had forgotten in the intervening years since mine were so tiny.

Our son came home from far away. This made me very happy, not just because I missed him, but because this was the first time he got to meet his little niece in person. They bonded almost immediately, and it made my heart glad to see him as smitten as the rest of us.

We have decided to travel in the fall. Hubs and I are going to tour a bit of Italy with dear friends, and we began settling things last weekend. All four of us are excited and can’t wait for our adventure!

Before that, though, we are going to revisit Marathon Training! Since the first marathon was plagued with injury, we hope to repeat the process injury-free. I know, I know! How crazy we are! But in a good way! It’s something we get to do together. Hubs and I want to live a long time, and race-training keeps us fit and healthy. We haven’t quite decided which race, but it will be before the Italian Holiday.

And lastly, I have continued to write (though just barely) and began editing–copy-editing, to be precise, but I have found yet another love. The detail-work of making sure a manuscript is error-free (or nearly so) delights me, as does helping someone bring forth their creative child. I have even added the title ‘editor’ to my business card, as I grow more confident in my abilities for copy- and line-editing.

Next time, I’ll tell you more about the music, maybe more about reading and writing, but for now, please tell me how you are, what you’re up to, and what you’re excited about. I am so glad you met me here. Let’s talk again soon!


6 thoughts on “A Coffee and Catch-up Time

  1. I so enjoyed hearing about your holidays! Your grand-baby sounds like such a dear little one and I’m glad you were all able to enjoy her! Happy writing, reading, and editing to you!

  2. Hey April. Thanks for the coffee chat. I presume you read my newsletter, so I wont repeat any boring details. All is well in Wisconsin. I get to escape to Florida at least once a month for a 6 day weekend, which helps me to thaw out. It is good to be a nurse! Connie and I are still doing well. We don’t have a grandbaby, but we do have a grand puppy named Louie. He is adorable and we love him. We see him when we are in Florida. I am in Wisconsin until the end of March and then I head off to Russia again for my yearly trip there. Then to Florida for a destination wedding… NO, not mine. Ha Ha. Connie’s sister actually. Then I will travel around Florida a bit and maybe even up to Ohio on my way back to Wisconsin for the summer. After that, who really knows. Enjoy that grandbaby, I know she is precious. Nice chatting with you. Rodney

    • Rodney! Thanks for the response. 🙂 Slightly jealous of your monthly trip to FL to thaw, but to be honest, it hasn’t really been too cold here–highly tolerable, actually! And Russia! Looking forward already to your Christmas newsletter and the pictures therein. 🙂
      If you make your way through the OH, please stop by! –A.

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