img_6237I love calendars. partly out of necessity, partly because they help me feel organized (which I’m not) and partly because if I didn’t have one, my life would be a complete mess of missed appointments. Wait, I think I stated the same thing three ways. I guess I love calendars because they are necessary to keep my life in order and keep me from missing appointments. Also, it means a trip to the office supply store, and YAY–office supplies!!

Since I’ve been married, every year in December I have joyfully purchased my new wall calendar, which hangs not on the wall but on the refrigerator, and flipped through the current year to add birthdays and anniversaries, planned vacations and other special dates to the next. And while I write, even as I eagerly look ahead to the new year, I’m reminded of the year just past. I will quite often pause in copying to reminisce.

With my stack of calendars, much like one does with journals, I can look back and see a snapshot of my life. What I was doing, or my kids were doing, or what big family/life events happened. More often, what small life events happened. Big or small, they are the things that created memories, things that made our lives what they are. I can see when my daughter’s first tooth emerged. See when my son lost his first tooth. Or when it was that they had a belt test or meet, field trip or recital or concert. Oh, I remember that day! It was so warm–stifling hot in the gym–but the music was wonderful! The kids did such a lovely job.

Twenty-three years of life, as documented in calendars.

img_6232Last year, I had had enough of the messy stack of calendars that inhabits a shelf in my basement. I bought a box to store them–still on the shelf, but much neater to look at.

img_6236I need to do the same for my agendas/planners, the calendars I carried with me. They are still strewn about the shelf (along with other books and cards and miscellany), or they were until I moved them upstairs to take pictures of them all today. Perhaps I’ll put them neatly back as part of my de-cluttering project. Or more likely, I’ll toss them willy-nilly as I rush into something else and promise to get to it. Later.

I noticed that somehow I’ve lost 1997, and quite a few of my planners. Probably because I tossed them somewhere willy-nilly and promised to put them away. Later…

I didn’t buy a wall/fridge calendar for 2017. Last year, we hardly looked at it and it was seldom used. It’s only been a month. I still miss it. I could buy one yet–but I don’t think we would look at a great deal. We are all grown up and self-sufficient (my kids, that is) and I don’t have to keep track of four schedules anymore. Hubs has always kept track of his own schedule, though I liked to have all our family things and his business trips on the calendar anyway. Kid 1 doesn’t even live in this house anymore, and Kid 2 is probably more organized than I am (which, looking back at my initial statement, isn’t very hard). I only have to keep track of myself.

I still have my daily planner (I tried to go without a while ago. I missed my paper book too much). And I’m trying something new–a bullet journal*. A planner and list-keeper and memory holder all in one.

img_6238Carrying both is heavy, but I hope eventually to drop the planner. Not yet, though! I like the way my planner is set up; I like, too, the idea of complete customization for the bullet journal. I’ll start a new one in August. Since forever, my wall calendar is yearly (2015, 2016…) and my purse planner is academic, coinciding with the school year. It has always worked best both because of the kids’ school schedules and because arts organizations usually run September through May or thereabouts. And I liked having the two mesh–I wasn’t starting over with both at the same time.

Someday, I know my poor kids are going to have to throw away decades’ worth of calendars. But I can’t do it–at least not now. What if I need to remember when it was that we went skiing back in 1994 (I have no idea–can’t find that calendar either)? Or the day we brought our rescue dog home (Aug. 19, 2008)? Or when we took a trip to Texas in 2016 (January 20-25)? Sure, it’s fresh in my memory now, but in twenty years, I’ll need to look it up. One never knows.

*I’ll do a post on bullet journals soon, once I have a few more weeks under my belt.


One thought on “Calendars

  1. Hey April. My mom saved practically EVERY photo ever taken by her or given to her. I recently had to go thru ALL of those photos. It was kinda fun, even though it took me a month to do it. It brought back some great memories I had forgotten, but cherish. I even sorted a bunch of family photos and mailed them to family members for Christmas. I hope they cherished the memories like my mom did! I imagine your kids will sigh a little and then laugh a little and then even cry a little when they go thru your calendars and then throw them out. Because they will most likely throw them out :0). I have kept a few hundred of my favorites and I will go thru them again someday (probably next Christmas) and then throw a few out and so on. Who knows. Enjoy the journey and memories your calendars bring you. It is very kind of you to organize them for their future demise… Ha Ha.

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