Multi-faceted Personality Disorder (?)

While trying to sleep very early this morning I realized how very like Winnie the Pooh I am. And Piglet, but also Eeyore, Tigger, Roo and Kanga, and even, much to my chagrin, Rabbit.

Brilliant–A.A. Milne created a world where I (and I bet each one of us) identifies with all the characters at some point. Perhaps you’re like me–I might identify as Tigger one moment and Piglet the next, as the wind in my bravado-sails gets taken out.

Kanga is my favorite. I wish I could be like her most all the time. I think I am like her most of the time, even though I forget and think I’m more like eeyore or piglet or pooh… you know, the popular ones. She is the one generally in the background quietly taking care of the others. I like that. It is my most comfortable role.

Pooh is simple, though sometimes he says some mighty profound things. Pooh thinks a lot about food, honey in particular, and in that regard, I am Pooh. I love food, and a part of my mind is always thinking, “How about lunch?” Or dinner. Or tea, elevensies, and breakfast. Bears love honey, and I’m a Pooh-Bear…time for something sweet to eat!

There is Tigger-April. Bold and confident, knowing with bright certainty that I am made for great things. Writing? That’s what April does best! Singing? That’s what April does best! Running? That’s what April does best! and the most wonderful thing about April? I’m the only one!

Tigger-April is often trounced by tall trees and morphs into Piglet-April, timid, shy, afraid of my shadow. Quiet and shy he might be, yet with a heart big as all outdoors, it’s not too bad a trade-off–Piglet will give you the shirt off his back, the scarf from around his neck, or even his home if you need it more. Sweet little piglet…

Oh, but there are times–times when I am selfish and proud and superior–a regular Rabbit! How I hate when Pooh comes for lunch; he eats all my food–my food! When Tigger bounces me or my garden, and ruins my perfectly arranged things…oh how dreadful! Silly, know-nothing, obnoxious Tigger… Rabbits never get lost, know everything, and are an authority on practically everything. Just ask! Yet Rabbits will (reluctantly) admit when we’re wrong, and apologize, too.

And Eeyore! Oh don’t mind me…I’m just spending time with the flowers…and looking optimistically at all the disasters that might fall. Sure, it’s raining and gloomy, and there’s a chance for flooding, but on the bright side, we haven’t had an earthquake lately. [in my neck of the woods, anyhow].

Wasn’t it wonderful of Mr. Milne to dream up these wonderful characters? To teach our children and us a little of the best and worst of ourselves. Each person has strengths and weaknesses, none are entirely good nor entirely bad, and we all are love-able. Sure, we may have to dig a little under the surface to love the one who annoys us, as Tigger does Rabbit, or as Rabbit does me, nonetheless… There is a creature deserving of grace and understanding, which we extend to each other, not forgetting to extend it also to oneself.

Who are you today? Whoever you are, you are loved.

Now, I believe it’s lunch time; I’m off to find honey.


2 thoughts on “Multi-faceted Personality Disorder (?)

  1. What a beautiful “story”. Maybe you should write Children’s books? I love your explanation April. I am currently in Russia finishing my annual trip to Beslan. I have been every character this week!! Right now i am a bit Eyore… Sad i am leaving… Tigger…excited to go home and see my Honey… Speaking of honey, i am hungry. So maybe I am Pooh? From Russia with love, Rodney AKA Chip

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