I’ve been silent for a while. Not for lack of things to share but for lack of confidence in my voice.

I’m a quiet soul. I like silence, I like being in the background, I like obscurity.

I read all these wonderful blogger writers who are or seem to be the opposite of me. I began to compare myself–the death-knell to creativity. I couldn’t be them, so I settled for nothing.  So sad. I am ready to get over myself tho. I’m ready to be myself. Just little me with my little voice and affinity for obscurity. Don’t confuse that for someone who has no thought though. I have much and many, deeply held and fervently believed.  And it is time to share, whether a deeply-held-fervently-believed post or a light-and-airy frivolity, or somewhere in between.

Look for me–once or twice a month, which seems little, but is a marked improvement over the past year. I’ll be looking for you.

Because you’ve been so patient with me, and to keep you amused: an old post of mine (I just noticed I celebrated 5 whole years on WordPress last week!) and a newer one, both of which are quiet bits of reading.


5 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Welcome back after some quiet time! It is so easy to fall into the habit of comparing yourself to others (I struggle with it all the time, too), but since we can never truly know someone else, best to just let them be them and us be us. Quiet doesn’t have to stand in the way of writing, either–in fact, that’s what I love best about writing. I get to do it and still be my quiet self. So glad you’re letting your voice shine again. 🙂

  2. Ponder the fact that I follow you because you are you. If I didn’t want to hear your voice, I’d be elsewhere. (BTW: My recent silence/absence shouldn’t be seen as offensive. It is due to my limitations, not yours.)

    As always, hope you have been well ma’am.

  3. Yay, you! for believing in your own voice! You have important things to share with the world and I can’t wait to hear them. Someone needs to hear your quiet words.

    Hugs, April!

  4. Glad to see another post from Abs McGee! You may see many bloggers who are the opposite of you and not introverted or hiding in the shadows, but I am not one of them, so I can relate 🙂 Anway, glad to see you posting

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