I've been silent for a while. Not for lack of things to share but for lack of confidence in my voice. I'm a quiet soul. I like silence, I like being in the background, I like obscurity. I read all these wonderful blogger writers who are or seem to be the opposite of me. I … Continue reading Quiet


When we think surrender, we often think 'giving up', or perhaps of a cartoon character waving a white flag, or maybe we think of surrendering as losing. But I propose something radically different. Not original--I'm only re-articulating for myself ideas I've gathered over the years from others--but still different. What if, instead of thinking of surrender … Continue reading Surrender


I love calendars. partly out of necessity, partly because they help me feel organized (which I'm not) and partly because if I didn't have one, my life would be a complete mess of missed appointments. Wait, I think I stated the same thing three ways. I guess I love calendars because they are necessary to … Continue reading Calendars


Over a week ago, while I was perusing my WordPress Reader, I saw a challenge to post something 'analog' --a picture of a handwritten page, for instance. I didn't get around to that right away. Yesterday was National Handwriting Day--didn't get around to that, either. Because I enjoy being fashionably late to things I decided … Continue reading AnalogĀ