Second Chances Series

Looking for something to read? Like Happy-Ever-After romances?
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Book 2 in the Second Chances Series


Reeling from a painful divorce, Miranda has returned to her hometown after a fifteen-year absence. When her brother offers her a job with the family company she takes it, not realizing she’ll be working with the man who was once the object of her teen fantasies.

When lifelong bachelor Robert decides to reform his rakish ways, he moves from Chicago to the little town of Alandale. Away from the bustling pace of city living, he settles into a new work partnership with his best friend.

His new assistant Miranda is a mystery to him, and Robert is a thorn in her side. Chemistry sizzles between them, but they have both been burned once. Will they let past heartaches, fear of disrupting the status quo, and a disapproving older brother ruin their future?

Book 1 in the Second Chances Series


Jenny was married to the love of her life. But when he unexpectedly leaves her a forty-something widow she is faced with a question: can she find that kind of love again? Jenny knows just what she wants in her ideal companion, yet she finds the path to true love surprisingly complex. Jenny must decide whether to listen to her heart or her head; will she make a logical choice or take a leap of faith?